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ASDC | B.Voc.

ASDC | B.Voc.
ASDC | B.Voc.
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The University Grants Commission (UGC) has initiated a scheme for skills development-based higher education within college and university education systems, leading to a Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) Degree with options for Diploma/Advanced Diploma under the NSQF. The B.Voc. program, integrated into undergraduate studies at universities and colleges, combines specific job roles and National Occupational Standards (NOSs) with a broad-based general education curriculum. Graduates of the B.Voc. program are equipped to significantly contribute to India's economy by securing suitable employment, venturing into entrepreneurship, and fostering knowledge creation.

About B. Voc

B.Voc. courses offer Bachelor of Vocational Degree options across various fields for students who have completed their foundational education. These programs integrate specific job roles and NOSs with a comprehensive general education curriculum. The primary goal is to enhance the employability prospects of individuals, facilitating their ability to learn, earn, and progress.


The Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC), a non-profit industry-driven organization aims to:

  • Provide a balanced mix of skills relevant to a profession alongside appropriate General Education content.
  • Ensure students possess adequate knowledge and skills, making them job-ready at each stage of the program.
  • Offer flexibility to students through predefined entry and multiple exit points.
  • Integrate the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) into undergraduate education to enhance graduate employability and meet industry demands, enabling graduates to contribute globally.
  • Facilitate vertical mobility for students completing 10+2 with vocational subjects.
  • All universities and colleges recognized under Sections 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956, and receiving plan grants from the UGC are eligible for financial assistance under the scheme.
  • Admission to the B.Voc. program requires a minimum of 10+2 or equivalent qualification in any stream.
Partnership with ASDC related to B.Voc. Program

ASDC serves as the authorized assessment body for automotive vocational areas at NSQF Level 5 and Automotive Qualification Packs (QPs), strengthening the B.Voc. program's industry relevance and assessment standards.

Benefits Of B.Voc
  • Enhanced Employability

    Practical knowledge and hands-on skills increase students' attractiveness to employers, leading to better job placement.

  • Industry Relevance

    Programs aligned with industry requirements enhance the institution's reputation for producing work-ready professionals. Diversified Offerings: Skilling programs attract a wider range of students, increasing enrolment.

  • Partnerships with Industry

    Collaborations with industries provide internships, guest lectures, and placement opportunities, enriching students' learning experiences.

  • Addressing Skill Gaps:

    Programs target specific skill gaps, contributing to bridging the skills gap and supporting economic growth.

  • Lifelong Learning Culture

    Encouraging continuous learning fosters students' understanding of the importance of upskilling throughout their careers. Higher Retention Rates: Direct connections between education and practical skills acquisition improve student engagement and retention.

  • Alumni Success Stories

    Graduates' achievements reflect positively on the institution, enhancing its brand and reputation.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Institutions offering skilling programs gain a competitive edge by adapting to the changing needs of students and the job market.

Job Role For Auto Industry (2 Wheeler/4 Wheeler)

ASDC Recommended Courses and Combination of Service QP's

ASDC Courses and QP list
Sr. Domain Technical / Non-Technical Course Title With Hyperlink
1 Service Technical Automotive Workshop Technology
2 Service Technical Automotive Service Quality
3 Service Technical Automotive Workshop Operation
4 Sales Non-Technical Automotive Sales
5 Manufacturing Technical Automotive Manufacturing Technology
6 Manufacturing Technical Design & Manufacturing Technology
NCrF Levels for Different Academic Grades / Vocational Education & Training / Skilling and Assessment Bands
Academic Band / Hours of Learning Per Year Academic Grade / Levels + School Education & Higher Education Vocational Education Long Term Trg / Short Term Trg (LTT / STT) National Credit Framework (NCrF) Credit Levels Credits Earned / Year Credit Points Earned Assessment Stage Equivalence
Doctoral Degree PhD NSQF Level 8 STT 8.0 40 320
PG Degree(1/2 yrs)/ME/M Tech (1200 Hrs / yr) PG-2nd (Eng) NSQF level 7 STT 7.0 40 280 M.Tech 2nd yr / Engg PG Degre
PG-2nd yr/PG 1st yr (Eng) NSQF Level 6.5 6.5 40 260 PG Gegree / M.Voc / M.Sc (Eng)
4-Year UG with Honour / Honours with Research / B.E / B.Tech OR 3 year UG(1200 Hrs/yr) 4-year UG with Honours / Honours with Research / PG-1st Yr NSQF level 6 STT 6.0 40 240 UG-Degree (Hons) / PG - Diploma / B.tech / B.E
UG-3rd Year 10th + 5-yr NTC/NAC.CITS , 12th + 3-yr NTC/NAC/CITS, NSQF level 5.5 STT 5.5 40 220 UG - Degree/ B.Voc / B.Sc Eng
UG-2nd Year 10th + 4-yr NTC/NAC.CITS , 12th + 2-yr NTC/NAC/CITS, NSQF level 5 STT 5.0 40 200 UG - Diploma/ Diploma - Eng
UG-1st Year 10th + 2-yr NTC/NAC.CITS , 12th + 1-yr NTC/NAC/CITS, NSQF level 4.5 STT 4.5 40 180 UG - Certificate
  • Online Registration form Provided Below
  • ASDC Course mapping: attached list of ASDC approved qualifications
  • Centre details: As per the centre requirements of selected qualification (equipment list will be shared based on selected qualifications)
  • Students to be enrolled per semester: Target of total number of students will be enrolled per semester per course.
  • Trainer background: Education, experience, email id and mobile no. of trainer
  • Payment: Fees to be charged from student

For more details related to B.Voc. assessments, please write to [email protected]

Registration Form- B.Voc

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