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Partners’ Forum 2019
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Partners’ Forum 2019

Automotive Skills Development council, the first Sector Skill Council of India, organised ASDC Partner’s Forum on the 30th of May 2019 at New Delhi. The objective of the forum was to discuss, share knowledge and understand the opportunities to provide quality training programmes with credible assessments & certification.

The day-long event focused on overview of current scenario at the skilling industry, best practices prevalent in this sector, along with challenges and relevant suggestions. The speakers highlighted partnership between ASDC and TCS iON which is aiming to address the challenges through Digital Transformation. Digitization is taking place in five Key areas which are end-to-end ASDC skilling ecosystem, Skilling and Upskilling of workforce in the automotive system, and will be enabled through TCS iON Digital Learning, Digitized Automotive Skill Assessment Process, Digitized Driving Assessments with TCS iON Cert-n-Edge, Listing Portal for jobs. The entire digitization process will enable skilling potential candidates even from the remote areas and is expected to enhance employment opportunities with listed job portals, upskill the workforce through online trainings. The digital transformation will ensure Secure and Transparent Assessments and certifications, Industry Certified Skills, 100% elimination of manipulations in Part B (Practical) assessments, Standardized Course Content and provide holistic view of Training Partners and their infrastructure.

In one of the sessions, E&Y, one of the largest professional services firms, shared its insight on automotive skill gap study. The speaker detailed on the process update by E&Y to bridge the gap.

The attendees of the Forum consisted of ASDC training partners including the Automobile OEMs, Automotive Component Manufacturers, and Individual Training Partners. The event progressed towards the end with a round of panel discussion where industry partners shared their expectations from ASDC certified candidates.

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