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Governing Council Members

The Governing Council of ASDC comprises of eminent industry leaders and professionals, responsible for driving forward the strategic direction of the organisation towards achieving the ASDC purpose.

  • Mr Nikunj Sanghi

    Mr Nikunj Sanghi

    President , ASDC, Past President & Director - International, FADA and Managing Director, J S Fourwheel Motors Pvt Ltd

  • Mr. Vinkesh Gulati

    Mr. Vinkesh Gulati

    Member ASDC, President FADA and Director, United Automobiles

  • Mr Manish Raj Singhania

    Mr Manish Raj Singhania

    Member ASDC, Vice President FADA and Director, Ralas Motors

  • Mr. Saharsh Damani

    Mr. Saharsh Damani

    Member ASDC, CEO, FADA

  • Mr. Sunjay Kapur

    Mr. Sunjay Kapur

    Member, ASDC, Managing Director, Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd.

  • Mr. F R Singhvi

    Mr. F R Singhvi

    Treasurer, ASDC, Joint Managing Director, Sansera Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mr. Arvind Goel

    Mr. Arvind Goel

    Member, ASDC, Managing Director & CEO, TATA Autocomp Systems Ltd.

  • Mr. Rama Shankar Pandey

    Mr. Rama Shankar Pandey

    Member, ASDC, Managing Director, Hella India Lighting Ltd.

  • Mr. Vinnie Mehta

    Mr. Vinnie Mehta

    Member, ASDC, Director General, ACMA

  • Mr. Vipin Sondhi

    Mr. Vipin Sondhi

    VP, ASDC, Managing Director & CEO, Ashok Leyland Ltd.

  • Mr. G Shankara

    Mr. G Shankara

    Member, ASDC, Associate Vice President (HR & Services), Toyota Kirloskar Motors Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mr. A K Tomer

    Mr. A K Tomer

    Member, ASDC, Exec. Director - Corporate Planning, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

  • Mr. Rajesh Menon

    Mr. Rajesh Menon

    Member, ASDC , Director General, SIAM

  • Mr R AnandaKrishnan

    Mr R AnandaKrishnan

    Member ASDC, Executive Vice President – HR & IT, TVS Motors

  • Mr. Sachin Gupta

    Mr. Sachin Gupta

    Member (NSDC Nominee), ASDC, Company Secretary, National Skill Development Corporation

  • Shri Vivek Kishore

    Shri Vivek Kishore

    Member (Govt. Nominee), ASDC, Director (Road Safety), MORTH

  • Shri Amit Mehta

    Shri Amit Mehta

    Member (Govt. Nominee), ASDC, Dept of Heavy Industry,MOHI, Joint Secretary (Auto)

  • Shri Anand Kumar Singh

    Shri Anand Kumar Singh

    Member (Govt. Nominee), ASDC, Director (Auto), Dept of Heavy Industry,MOHI

  • Shri R K Jaiswal

    Shri R K Jaiswal

    Member (Govt. Nominee), ASDC, Development Officer, Dept of Heavy Industry, MOHI