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  • 31Aug, 2020

    India Auto Sector’s Initiatives to Overcome the Skill Gap in the Industry

    The India Auto Inc. has been a promising avenue that has proven...

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  • 28Aug, 2020

    How will Hiring be Different in the New Normal?

    The history of mankind has stood witness to the greatest of civilizations crumbling down to the ground, owing to different pan...
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  • 18Aug, 2020

    Emerging Trends in the Automotive Industry

    The automotive world is finally moving towards a long awaited ev...

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  • 27Jul, 2020

    How can Industry Associations Aid to the Skill India Initiatives

    Unemployment in India has been a huge issue for quite some time,...

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  • 16Jan, 2020

    Mechatronics and Robotics: Impact of Fourth Revolution in the Indian Industry

    Mechatronics and robotics are two of biggest game-changers in the whole fourth Industrial Revolution. It has by far, been the most drastic and multi-folded revolution in the history of industrial r...

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  • 07Jan, 2020

    National Apprentice Promotion Scheme – Strengthening India’s Manpower

    In order to encourage skill development and entrepreneurship in India, government of India, introduced National Apprentice Promotion Scheme (NAPS) – a scheme aiming to promote apprenticeship. Launc...

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  • 03Jan, 2020

    Need for workforce evolution in the automotive industry

    As the automotive industry is burgeoning at a very fast pace, India strives to improve its rank first in the global automotive market. While being the fourth largest automotive market in the world,...

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  • 26Dec, 2019

    Why is an Electrical Vehicle Training required?

    Innovative technological advancements in the automotive industry has led the nation to turn towards electrically run vehicles. Electrical auto-mobiles are integrated with lesser components as compa...

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  • 18Dec, 2019

    Why opt for automotive certification courses?

    Every enterprise desires to stand out from the rest with its flawless products & services and extremely skilled personnel. Automotive companies too are striving to make their mark by introducing ve...

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  • 13Dec, 2019

    Why Driver Training Is Required To Curb Road Accidents?

    Road accidents have increased rapidly with over 400 people dying every day, as per the statistics. Be it the case of ‘drink and drive’ or caused by any other distraction, road accidents are becomin...

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