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  • Aug 12, 2022

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Questions You Ask Your Self Before Buying An Electric Car

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the government is supporting electric vehicles, which are gradually gaining ground. So, if someone is looking to purchase an electric vehicle, they may have a few things on their mind. Here are some questions you might want to ask before purchasing an electric vehicle to help ease your mind.

How frequently will you go on long drives?

This is where things could become challenging for someone who wishes to use an electric vehicle for lengthy tours and drives. When compared to a car with an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles have a feature called economy on highways. Electric vehicles have a greater range in cities. On the other hand, the motor uses more battery power to maintain faster speeds and reduce drag. As a result, they are discharged quite quickly, thus reducing their range on highways.

An easy solution is to map out the route with designated charging locations. Consequently, depending on the route and the vehicle's range, be prepared to stop frequently. But still, if you do improvised rides, it is better to wait for a battery electric vehicle in India with a longer range.

How much do you run each day?

This is one of the first inquiry, one should make before even thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle. An electric vehicle simply makes more sense if, for example, you are looking for a vehicle for your daily commute and the distance is less than 100 kilometers. They are also at an all-time high when taking into account the cost of fuel, including CNG. Electric automobiles will currently provide fewer rupees per kilometer. Few paisa per kilometer.

Where is the nearest public charging station?

Somewhat crucial part follows. You need to make plans for the fuel, which is electricity, since you've opted to get an electric vehicle. There are many different ways to add power to the vehicle's battery when it comes to charging. One is using the 15A car charger that comes with the automobile. Depending on the vehicle, this charger usually charges the car overnight (8hrs-12hrs). Public charging stations, which are dispersed throughout different cities, are the next choice. Another point to keep in mind is that while electric vehicles are offered in a number of places, infrastructure is still a major problem in the majority of Indian cities. To keep track of the charging stations nearby, there are numerous apps available in the app stores for iOS and Android. They will be useful.

What is the price of the car?

Electric cars are pricey, end of the story. Electric vehicles are, in fact, 30% more expensive than their conventional internal combustion engine counter parts. Regardless of the vehicle, electric interaction is always more expensive. However, depending on the state you are buying your vehicle in may give subsidies and rebates on the purchase of a battery electric vehicle.

How much does an electric vehicle's service cost?

The thing that is left is the service cost for an electric vehicle. This is unquestionably the area where electric vehicles outperform their conventional IC-engine counterparts. A typical car needs service at least once a year, or every 10,000 kilometers, depending on how the car is operating.

Additionally, this procedure entails routine fluid changes (engine oil, coolant, brake oil and others).

However, an electric vehicle just needs selective operations to be carried out. This includes things like brake oil top-ups, wheel alignment and balancing, and tyre rotation. This implies that additional activities are completed on an automobile with an internal combustion engine, raising the expense of annual maintenance.

A car with IC will typically cost between Rs. 11,000 and Rs. 15,000 per year for maintenance starting in the second year of ownership. However, the same would cost about Rs. 5000 for an EV. 25,000 rupees over the course of five years, which is quite affordable in comparison to its IC competition.

How to get over range anxiety?

The best way to overcome range anxiety is pre-planning. But no matter how well the strategy is executed, at times there are chances of improvised errors or problems, which causes worry. The worry is what will happen if the battery runs out in the middle. How do you get past it? Simple tasks do require a large kilometer and charge buffer while planning the route.

For instance, you can have some or a lot of traffic during your drive. Now, if you have the AC on while driving down the freeway, the battery will quickly lose power. Therefore, if your battery has a lot of reserve power, you might get at your destination without incident.

One can also keep track of all the on-the-road charging facilities. Even though they might not be directly on your intended route, they may be close by where you would need to stop in an emergency. The brain will feel some level of comfort as a result.

Should you purchase or lease an electric car?

Leasing or purchasing an electric vehicle is always a personal choice. For instance, usually, a company offers a monthly usage subscription for its electric cars. Hence the plans offered for monthly usage are for 1000kms, 1500kms, 2000kms, and 2500kms. Naturally, the cost will change depending on usage. Accordingly, leasing is not a good solution if your monthly mileage exceeds the allowed subscription. Although renting an electric car is rather simple, it has some significant drawbacks. In addition to the kilometer limit, there are occasions when the maximum speed is also constrained. For example, the Tata Nexon has an 80kmph subscription limit. The subscription, though, can be a pleasant choice if you drive relatively seldom.

Do you require a second IC car?

The finest car garage would be two vehicles, one of which is an electric vehicle and the other has an internal combustion engine. Electric vehicles just make sense for daily commutes and intercity travel. Thanks to rapid charging and KERS, the range is decent. And the other vehicle will shine out on the open road throughout extended weekends and long tours.

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