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  • Aug 08, 2022

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Why two-wheelers catching fire?

In the automotive sector, the sales of battery electric vehicles are increasing significantly year on year. Electric vehicles appear to be the best option now for anyone looking for a long-term sustainable solution to power their automobiles. Electric cars, particularly electric scooters, and two-wheelers are figuratively and actually "igniting" the automotive market here in India.

Nearly 134,853 electric vehicle units were registered in India in FY2020, and in FY2021 that figure increased to 419,812 units, representing a gain of 211.3 percent. Increased sales of two-wheelers and electric scooters in India are a contributing factor in the development. However, recent events may have caused some people to rethink purchasing them.

Recently, there have been several incidents where so-called typical operating caused electric scooters to catch fire. Why the so-called? Well, the individuals doing the investigation are unsure of the precise cause of them catching fire.

But out of curiosity, we reasoned, why not examine the electric scooters from the perspective of an engineer? Here is our opinion as to why this sophisticated equipment could catch fire.

What makes up the electric vehicles?

Unlined two-wheelers running on an internal combustion engine, electric scooters feature fewer moving components. The battery, electric motor, and battery management system are, are necessary for a battery-electric two-wheeler to function.

The battery management system serves as protection during the charging and discharging procedures, and the batteries power the engine, which gives the vehicle its propulsion. Finally, wires are employed to link one component to another.

There are a few possible reasons why electric scooters could catch fire. But why are certain parts failing, particularly in two-wheelers, and which ones specifically.

Why do electric two-wheelers and scooters catch fire?

Rushing the vehicles is the main cause of an electric scooter catching fire. In an effort to dominate the market, many electric two-wheeler manufacturers are rushing. And this hurry might now make it possible to allocate the correct amount of time for research and development.

  • The rushed product may now contain in-depth study, whereas the established players spend years researching and simulating. There could be severe effects from this.
  • The battery is another factor that can cause a superior electric two-wheeler to catch fire. Lithium-ion batteries are used by the majority of market participants, and they are made of materials including nickel, cobalt, and lithium. Cobalt is one of them and is quite combustible. The problems with the Battery Management System (BMS) are therefore one of the primary factor.
  • Next is limited data for battery simulation. The end-of-life is typically included in the battery simulation. Here, the situation is reproduced and tested in a variety of different settings. Also, the simulation of battery degeneration can take anywhere between 2 and 7 years.
  • At times, the consumer might also be at fault for tampering with the cables and wires by installing some aftermarket accessories.
  • Additionally, some manufacturers are now offering fast-charging options, which is a relatively recent development. So, the determining factor in putting this technology to its fullest use is time.
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