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Recognition of Prior Learning
We would like to bring a serious matter to the attention of all concerned parties. It has come to our notice that certain unauthorized and unscrupulous individuals are engaging in fraudulent activities by misusing the name and logo of ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council).
These individuals are falsely claiming to be Approved or Affiliated Training Partners or Centers for the implementation of various skill training schemes offered by ASDC. They may also be making false promises of job offers or other benefits to deceive innocent and unsuspecting members of the public.
We wish to emphasize that these actions are driven by malafide and dishonest intentions, with the sole purpose of misleading and defrauding individuals seeking skill training and employment opportunities.
We hereby declare that ASDC have not authorized any such entities or individuals to use their name, logo, or claim affiliation. The only legitimate training partners and centers are those officially recognized and listed by ASDC on its official platforms.
To safeguard against falling victim to these fraudulent practices, we urge everyone to exercise caution and take the following precautions:
1. Verify Affiliation: Before enrolling in any training program or scheme that claims to be affiliated with ASDC, verify its authenticity through the official ASDC website or by contacting the relevant authorities directly.
2. Cross-Check Claims: Be wary of any promises made, especially related to job offers or unrealistic benefits. Always cross-check with ASDC or its authorized representatives.
3. Seek Official Channels: Deal directly with recognized training centers and authorized personnel. Do not engage with suspicious or unverified entities claiming to represent ASDC.
4. Report Suspicious Activity: If you come across any suspicious or fraudulent activity related to ASDC or its programs, report it immediately to the concerned authorities or the official ASDC support.
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